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“Rain Updates: 19 Dead in North India Landslides and Rain Incidents”


Floods in India

North India Grapples with Torrential Rains: 19 Deaths Reported in Landslides and Rain-Related Incidents

On Saturday and Sunday, several parts of North India were pounded by continuos rain, resulting in tragic landslides and other rain-related incidents that claimed the lives of 19 people. The situation was further aggravated by the overflowing rivers, including the Yamuna in Delhi.

The region’s cities and towns experienced widespread flooding, with roads and residential areas submerged in knee-deep water. The heavy rainfall overwhelmed the local infrastructure, causing it to struggle in the face of such record-breaking downpours.

Disturbing images of the chaos caused by the rain were shared online by individuals from Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Delhi, among other places. These images depicted vehicles floating like paper boats on flooded roads, muddy waters engulfing residential areas, and temples and other structures submerged near swollen rivers and collapsed lands.

The water level of the Yamuna River in Delhi continues to rise, reaching a recorded level of 203.62 meters at the old railway bridge by 9 PM on Sunday. The warning level is set at 204.50 meters. Due to continuous water release from the Hathinkund Barrage into the Yamuna River, the Delhi government issued a flood warning. At 4 PM, an enormous amount of one lakh cusecs of water was released from the Hathinkund Barrage, exacerbating the situation further.

Punjab Faces Flooding Crisis: Over 200 People, Including Slum Residents and Villagers, Evacuated

As a result of heavy rainfall causing widespread flooding in Punjab, more than 200 individuals, including slum residents, villagers, and city dwellers, were evacuated on Sunday. The situation was exacerbated by overflowing seasonal drains, intensifying the impact of the floods. To promptly address the urgent needs of those affected, the district administration swiftly established 16 Rapid Response Teams (RRT) to provide immediate medical assistance. Control rooms were set up throughout the district to coordinate relief efforts. Additionally, two teams from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) joined the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) teams already present in the district.

The heavy rainfall inflicted severe damage on several main roads, link roads, and bridges, leading to disruptions in traffic and road blockades. The Radha Swami – Patwarkhana road and BR Ambedkar Bhawan in Ropar were among the areas hardest hit by the flooding. Local administrative officials urged residents to remain indoors unless faced with an emergency, prioritizing their safety.

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